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In 1980 Nobel Prize Amartya Sen and philosopher Martha Nussbaum conceived an alternative and innovative approach to welfare economics, known as the capability approach, that put the individual's “freedom to achieve” at the core center of socio-political evaluation. The way the socio-economic context and social determinants affect people's freeedom of choice and agency becomes a close factor related to people's quality of life. We believe in art and culture as tools for empowering individual and communities to better achieve their goals by broadening the horizon line, to resist and claim a better present and future. We believe in art and culture as canvas of meaning, to be composed and re-invented each time, disruptive processes in everyday life to redesign social balances and rules from below, redistributing the power and the right to imagination and desire, engines of every action of change.


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research & documentation

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Elisabetta Consonni choreographs everything, human beings and inhumans, mobile and immobile objects, maps, interstices and spatial holiday groups. She weaves networks of relationships, subtle and strong, like sugar glass. Through her works she investigates the use and social meaning of public space and the declination of choreographic skills in community practices.


Corps Citoyen is a tunisian-italian artistic collective whose multidisciplinary approach is based on different disciplinary languages and anthropological research to create new contemporary narratives. The goal of the group is to strengthen the values of citizenship through art, training, research and foster the active participation of the civil society in order to promote political and social change. Corps Citoyen derives its name from the desire of activating social reflection through the expressive potential of art and the body in particular, conceived as a biopolitical battleground and as a space for creative resistance.

Milano Mediterranea ميلانو المتوسّطيةّ

Milano Mediterranea is a post-colonial participatory art centre that speaks the languages of the Mediterranean, involving citizens through participatory art residencies, a permanent workshop for young people, a neighbourhood committee that supports MM in the selection of residency projects and cultural programming.


Italian-Japanese multidisciplinary artist, Masako Matsushita deals with movement analysis through choreography and dance, performative installations and community interaction. She explores the presence of the body into the space aiming to generate architectures for socialisation through senses, scores, maps, while enquiring the connection between culture and aesthetics, identity and tradition, virtual devices and sensorial practices.


Sports community and educational hub for young people of the Via Padova district in Milan (IT), Heracles Gymnasium & Symposium is a boxing gym and cultural space that follows the body-mind training philosophy of the ancient Greek Gymnasiums. Every year the space hosts a curated artistic season of more than 20 events such as Classical Music Concerts, Theatre Performances, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis roundtables.


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Vittoria Eugenia Lombardi


Curator and founder of culturenadprojects, she graduated in International Studies for Development and Cooperation and since 2012 she has been working as creative producer and project manager in the cultural sector, nourishing her interests along the line of intersection between artistic practices and social research, particularly through the curatorship and organisation of site-specific, participatory and community-based projects on a national and international level.
She recently specialized in Social Impact Assessment and Welfare Community Management at the University of Turin and Bologna, Cultural Leadership, Cultural Diplomacy and Results-Based Management, embedding those approcaches and tools in her curating daily practices.
Since 2022 she has been project designer and welfare community manager consultant at the social enterprise S-Nodi s.r.l.

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Stefania Anna Mangano

Creative Producer
Cultural Project Manager

Born in Mexico, bred in Italy, for the last 11 years she has been working in the field of cultural project management & design, corporate social responsibility and B2B communication for enterprises, public and private institutions. She has curated the work of individual artists, artistic companies and theatre festivals between Italy, India and Singapore. Her professional experiences in India and Singapore, where she collaborated with – among others - The Jagriti Theatre Bangalore and the Asian-Europe Foundation, strengthened a specific intercultural perspective in networking skills and her sistemic vision beyond borders. Over the years she has contributed to the success of multi-disciplinary projects aimed at social innovation and impact: from environmental education programmes to the implementation of multi-stakeholder activities, from consultancy on international cultural policies to co-designing of processes with local communities, from artistic programming to the creative direction of editorial, web, and media content for start-ups and e-commerce.

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Chiara Mirella Panceri

Creative Producer
Cultural Project Manager

Chiara Panceri develops and manages artistic projects related to participatory practices with a specific interest in the relationship between art and urban space. Graduated in 2019 in Arts Management at the Catholic University of Milan, she worked with  organisations and projects such as: Le Alleanze dei Corpi as producer and responsible for organising all the initiative's events; Meraki - Desideri Culturali; KCity - Regenerazione Urbana as communication manager. Since 2019 she's been collaborating with NoLo Fringe Festival both as communication manager and coordinator of specific initiatives with schools and territorial partners. From October 2021 she has been working with choreographer Elisabetta Consonni developing and promoting her works.

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