Corps Citoyen

Corps Citoyen is an international collective based between Tunis and Milan. The aim of the group is to put together performance, theatre, poetry, video, photography, animation, anthropological research into practice as a tool for reflection on citizenship and politics. The collective gathers around the idea of working with body, texts and visuals as ways of expression, resistance, of refining consciousness, of rethink public spaces and being together. "Through Corps Citoyen we want to act artistically in association with our society and to focus on citizenship. The name Corps Citoyen is chosen because the main objective of the group is the activation of a social reflection through the expressive potentials of art and the body in particular, wich represents both a territory of a political battle and a space for a creative resistance." 

The first show MOUVMA!Nous, qui avons encore 25 ans was produced in 2013/2014 between Tunis and Milan. The show was finalist at Premio Scenario 2013 and winner of Mouvin'Up 2012 edition and later presented in several festivals between Europe and Tunisia (Milano (IT), Zona K; Napoli, (IT) Teatro Stabile di Innovazione Galleria Toledo "Stazioni d'emergenza"; Palermo (IT), Teatro Libero "Presente Futuro"; Torino (IT), Fringe Festival 2015; Birmingham (UK), BE festival 2015; Tunis (TN) Le Rio, El Teatro, Ibn Rachiq - Forum Social Mondial 2015).

After the experience gained with the first project, the collective worked on the multidisciplinary participatory project, El Aars. The wedding project which has been represented in several biennials (JAOU - Nation Migrante 2017; DREAMCITY FESTIVAL 2017).

At the moment the group has three active projects: #Commons, a nomadic research device, which will be implemented in 5 cities between North and South of the Mediterranean area (Gabes, Marseille, Mi- lane, Palermo, Berlin); Kabinet Photographique Imaginaire, an imaginative postage studio that produces postcards from an ideal city; Cartography of Desire, a performative walk on headphones, where, with the help of an audio dramaturgy, two cities between North and South of the Mediterranean Sea are crossed at the same time. The performance was made for MANIFESTA 12 (5x5x5 program) and is the result of an artistic residency between Palermo and Tunis, which saw the real meeting of a small group of young people between the two shores through the physical exploration of the city mapped with the use of audio recordings, photographic images and videos. Between 2020/2021 Corps Citoyen will produce LORO - Sono come tu mi vuoi. Thanks to a device that harmoniously mixes fiction and reality, autobiography and biofiction, testimony and invention, LORO is an irreverent game about colonial heritage that reflects our tradition and our contemporary art scene.