Elisabetta Consonni

She choreographs everything, either human or non-human beings, movable or immovable objects, maps and interstellar journeys, in order to build a net of relations, subtle and strong as a glass of sugar . With a degree in Communication at the University of Bologna with a final thesis about the social construction of the body in the "dance discourse", she graduated at The Place- London Contemporary Dance School in 2005. Driven by a fetish for places of unconventional beauty, she moved to Rotterdam till 2009 to develop an indipendent choreographic and personal research. Then she moved to Milan, thinking it could be the final base. But no! In 2013, with the research project Ergonomica, she spent several months in Lublin (Poland), captured by the post-soviet charme. She is often locked out, preferring that kind of situation than being locked in. She builds handcrafted obstacles and does a little dance to overtake them. During the years she has been developed a certain intolerance to finals, becoming an authentic fan of processes more then products. Always. As if there was no tomorrow!

The lastest production of Elisabetta is the site-specific and participatory project Ti voglio un bene pubblico, winning project of "BANDO OPEN /// CREAZIONE [URBANA] CONTEMPORANEA 2019". Produced by Pergine Festival, co-produced with Zona K, In\Visible Cities/Contaminazioni digitali, Terni Festival, the project takes into consideration some architectonical infrastructures such as walls, fences, gates and doors that work as a partition within the urban space, defining what is ‘private’ and what is ‘public’.  Everything that surrounds us is made up by walls and fences; understanding their meaning, from time to time, is an extremely necessary practice to build active and critical citizenship. Ti voglio un bene pubblico is a urban game who plays with architectonic elements of separation bringing attention to them and re-signifying their meaning in a social realm.

Previous works in distribution: And the colored girls say: doo da doo da doo da doo; Plutone (2016); Il secondo paradosso di Zenone (2016); Abbastanza spazio per la più tenera delle attenzioni (2016);