Natiscalzi DT

Natiscalzi DT is the organic result of the creative path shared between Claudia Rossi Valli and Tommaso Monza.

In their vision, art occupies a prominent place in the creation and development of a society, as well as politics, science, religion, and technology. Each of these field deals with a precise part of the social structure. Art is about generating thoughts and well-being through shared rituals and beauty. Dance and theatre – at this historical moment – push us to reflect on the concept of individual, body and relationship. The word "relationship" is especially important because it is a vehicle for poetry, empathy, beauty, catharsis and communication. The dance itself is first of all relationship: between sky and earth, man and space, man and man, the dancers and the audience. Natiscalzi DT's mission is to bring people closer to dance and theatre in their purest form of communicate and exchange; to develop a more connected and empathetic network through production and creation of choreographic-theatrical works; to teach and share artistic practices to create new audiences. "Nati scalzi”, which means "barefoot born", connects to the concept of roots: art must dig deep to move forward.

NS ST's productions: Tutto il sole di oggi (2019), Le Ragazze (2018), Lo Schiaccianoci (2017), Mary's Bath (2015).

In 2020 Natiscalzi DT will premiere with the new production Annotazioni per un Faust, a creative process that, starting from Goethe's Faust, brings some important themes of faustian symbolism in relation to our contemporary society. The project is sustained by Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, Anghiari Dance Hub e Scena Nuda Teatro.

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