Ricerca X

Inspired on a model, which is developed in the field of artistic production in northern European countries, Ricerca X aims to offer space and services to support research and applied research in the field of performance and choreography with the aim to develop creative processes, to support artistic trajectories and to open up a discourse on the artistic production in a network with the venues of the performing arts scene. The pilot project (October 2015 - November 2016) lays the ground for a workspace for the performing arts aiming to sustain the artistic production, implement the sharing of practices, offer an ongoing self-education based on horizontality, tutoring (peer-coaching), and encourage the discourse with other agencies of related fields on the ecosystem of the performing, visual and hybrid art forms.

The project consists of two lines of intervention:

1. To sustain the development of artistic trajectories through periods of shared residencies – “sharing practices”
2. To encourage the discourse on the ecosystem of the artistic production by proposing talks and symposium. In the encounters “thinking practices” artists, theoreticians, practitioners reflect with the audience on the micro and macro dramaturgy of the current system of artistic production.

This project is born thanks to the relevant experience and dialogue with A.pass (advance performance studies), centre for the artistic research, based in Bruxelles, and the project peer-coaching initiated and curated by Company Blu, in Sesto Fiorentino.

Credits: concept by Carlotta Scioldo, Erika di Crescenzo in collaboration with Ambra Pittoni, Francesco Dalmasso (development and organization) Andrea Macchia (graphic, web, photo) with the support of Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo in partnership with Università degli Studi di Torino and Zerogrammi / Casa Luft peercoaching Company Blu.