As a freelance cultural project manager and as a creative producer in the field of performing arts, I walk in the borderland of crossbreeding between artistic languages and socio-political research, where they feed each other in a virtuous system of exchanges and revelations, following the idea of art and culture as invaluable tools for transformation for both communities and individuals. With a socio-political background in International Studies for Cooperation and Development and further studies in Cultural Leadership, Cultural Diplomacy and Results-Based Management, I work in an international perspective, conscious that art may often be context-related but surely has no borders and reversing them is one of its aims. I’m interested in art and culture as languages and approaches that can be spoken and applied usefully in different sectors as tools for empowerment, for broadening individual and collective civic and political awareness and devices for social innovation. I look at cultural projects and culture in general both as constructive playgorunds and necessary battlegrounds where different social actors can meet, negotiate and express their different needs and the beauty of diversity.

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My first job experience in the field of arts and culture was as a cultural journalist while I was studying at the University and during my PhD in Italian Literature at the University of Ferrara. Those years’ experiences in the cultural sector gave me the opportunity to understand deeply the double face of culture: on the one hand, an individual and lonely intellectual nourishment, on the other, a crucial glue for any community.
 This double way of seeing and defining culture still remains today the core of my way of thinking about my work, which is nourished by a lifelong learning approach and a constant relationship and comparison with artists and communities in the field. I’m a curator in the field of performing arts and cultural projects, a facilitator in community projects and an audience development consultant. I have been developing many AD projects, mainly but not limited to young people. I usually work and collaborate with schools and group of young spectators: I do believe that theatre as well as other arts can allow teenagers and young people to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, activate and foster relationships among them, trigger good relational and social practices.

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